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30th Anniversary

An anniversary party in January 2014 was very special with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory staff along with family & friends participating. There were also special appearances by past employees and managers, which also included some of their growing families. Lots of laughter of past experiences, and many kind words were exchanged.

Award Winning Chocolate!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory finished 3rd for BEST CHOCOLATE on the KCRA 3 A-List for 2011. Thanks to all that voted for us!

We now offer GIFT CARDS

We now offer Gift Cards redeemable at other participating Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory stores. There are several Gift Card styles to choose from, which includes a Greeting Card. The Gift Card is very convenient and can be reloaded with additional amounts at any time.

Biodiversity & Sustainable Cocoa Growing

Our primary chocolate supplier, Guittard, has been incorporating "biodiversity" into its "sustainable cocoa growing" practices.

Sustainable growing means that cocoa trees are grown in biologically diverse agricultural system, along with other economically beneficial trees. Since cocoa trees require shade , they can be grown under a canopy of commercially valuable trees such as banana and rubber.

Other shade trees provide local foods, such as Grumixana, Sapote and Breadfruit. Shade trees can also provide timber and other fiber products. By carefully choosing and planting shade trees, farmers reap many economic and ecological benefits from a diverse tree crop. This combination of agriculture and forestry is known as "agroforestry".

With biodiversity there are more plants and animals for food, timber, for fiber, for construction work, for flooring, for roofing, and most everything that is requires on the farm. Many trees and plants also provide habitats and food for animals. The farmer maintains or increases his cocoa bean production each year by using efficient, low cost methods that minimize impact on the rainforest environment. At the same time, sustainable growing allows the farmer to increase his families standard of living.

Guittard is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation that is committed to environmental stewardship within the cocoa industry.


With an in-store purchase of $5.00 or more, you qualify for a Parking Validation Coupon. Validations are good for $5.00 off your parking in Old Sacramento City parking lots… what a deal! Ask for your Parking Validation Coupon with your in-store purchase of $5.00 or more. Make us your first stop… not all Old Sacramento merchants provide this service.

Chocolate Milk as "Sports Drink" Study

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 27, 2006--Milk Processor Education Program wishes to issue the following clarification to its release:

"The new study from Indiana University that examined the benefits of chocolate milk as a post-exercise recovery aid found that chocolate milk performed better than a carbohydrate-replacement drink, but similar to a fluid-replacement drink, when equal amounts of the beverages were consumed in the study. (Email us and we will send you a full copy of the article.)

Good Day Sacramento Visits Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

A special thank you to “Good Day Sacramento” (CBS 13 / UPN 31) for featuring our Valentine’s Day goodies during their Saturday, February 11th, and Sunday, February 12th broadcasts. And by the way, the folks we see on the television are just as fun as in person!

Heart Study Sees Merit To Chocolate

ASSOCIATED PRESS – MUNICH, Germany – There’s more good news for chocolate lovers.
Scientists have found that eating dark chocolate appears to improve the function of important cells lining the wall of blood vessels for at least three hours.
The Study, involving 17 healthy young volunteers who agreed to eat a bar of dark chocolate and then get an ultrasound, found that eating dark chocolate seemed to make the blood vessels more flexible, which helps prevent the hardening of the arteries that leads to heart attacks. (Email us and we will send you a full copy of the article.)

Award Winning Store!

Sacramento Magazine (November 2004) named Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as a winner for the "Best Candy Store" in Sacramento.

"Although See’s Candy took first place, and we came in second, it’s still a great honor," said Jerry Haws. Jerry also went on to say, "I would just like to thank everyone who voted for us, and for all the creative and funny emails, along with the phone calls, telling us we should ask for a recount. Especially funny was the email I received from the ‘Willy & Wonka Accountancy Corp.’ stating that they would do a professional recount for a flat fee of a one-year’s supply of our hand made caramel apples. I’m still waiting for them to let me know just exactly how many caramel apples that would be."

Three Quarter Million Caramel Apples Sold!

Jerry and Cynthia Haws are pleased to announce that on April 24, 2004, they have made over 750,000 Caramel Apples since their store opening in January of 1984.

"It’s intriguing to think about just exactly how many that is," said Jerry. "If the Caramel Apples including stick, were laid down end to end, the line of Caramel Apples would be over 71 miles long." Jerry also added, "If you stack the cases of apples we’ve used on top of each other, it would be almost a mile and a half tall… and to think about the butter we’ve used… it equals almost four tons!"

20th Anniversary

On January 15, 2004, Jerry and Cynthia Haws celebrated 20 years of confectionery excellence, always at the same location on the corner of 2nd and "K" streets in Old Sacramento. "It's been a wonderful experience these past years. We've been blessed with a long following of dedicated customers, and of course, the very best employees anyone could hope for." Remarked Jerry at a recent Old Sacramento gathering of friends and customers. Jerry added he's hoping for another 20 years of candy making. "Candy making is fun, and certainly keeps you out of trouble."

Rocky Mountain Wins Taste Test!

Detroit News--Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramels won another taste test being rated number one out of 6 top candy makers. "These are simply beautiful", commented one of the panelists. "The caramel melted in my mouth and the chocolate is creamy."
Rocky Mountain beat out Godiva, Frango and others.


September 4–September 7, 2015: We turn back the clock to the 1860s as the annual heritage festival returns this year. Live street theatre, wagon rides, music, gold panning and more bring the Gold Rush back to life in Old Sacramento.

Gold, Greed & Speculation

The Sacramento History Museum has a unique permanent exhibition named: Gold, Greed & Speculation - The Beginnings of Sacramento City explores the first fifty years of Sacramento�s history, examining evidence that the city was much more than a Gold Rush boomtown. Visitors will discover that the city's past is marked by colorful characters from a variety of cultures. They will meet the individuals that forged the city, better understand its development and how its citizens withstood catastrophic floods, fires, and epidemics in the first years of its existence. Yet Sacramento's people persevered and rebuilt again and again, playing an instrumental role in establishing it as the capitol city of the State of California.

Toy Train Exhibit

Visit the California State Railroad Museum at Old Sacramento State Historic Park for the exhibit Small Wonders: The Magic of Toy Trains. The exhibit features some 1,000 vintage toy trains, six interactive displays, and a magnificent operating toy train layout in its 3,300 square feet. The exhibit is permanently displayed at the California State Railroad Museum at Old Sacramento State Historic Park. The Museum - which is part of the California State Parks system - is America's most popular railroad museum.

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