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   Let us slice your apple

Dress your favorite RMCF treat like a Bride & Groom.

We have a great variety of wedding treats, from freshly dipped strawberries and apples to fortune cookies.

Barks - a wonderful blend of flavors and textures like peanut butter, mint, Oreos, nuts and chocolate chunks.
Dipped Items - we chocolate dip a variety of goodies like grahams, pretzels and marshmallows for a yummy treat.
Fudge - we make this classic favorite fresh every day in all your favorite flavors. It's the smoothest, creamiest you've ever tasted.

Dipped Fruits - fresh strawberries (in season) and plump glazed fruits dipped in chocolate for a gourmet taste sensation.
Bulk Chocolates - exotic flavored truffles, soft butter creams, fruity jellies, chewy caramels, nutty clusters--we have them all.
Boxed Chocolate Gifts -- when you care enough to give only the finest in hand made chocolates.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory fashions chocolatey treats from the freshest, most wholesome ingredients, like sweet creamery butter and fresh roasted nuts. We make our candies with only the finest, most intensely flavored chocolate from Guittard Chocolate Company. Experience the flavor of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory candies and confections.
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